Kurt Braeken Rectangular


“The road invented high speed, so we accepted the invitation”

A project by Salvatore Russo and Stefaan Beeckaert for Ngin Visual Studio @ Nr5.

In order to promote the showroom at the Vismarkt nr5 Hasselt, Salvatore Russo, founder of Ngin visual studio in 2004, and Stefaan Beeckaert putted their heads together during the months november and december.

The result is a concept store in which photographs, graphic images on canvas, wallpaper, goodies and gadgets dominate the atmosphere.
The sense of the road, the smell of gasoline and the bling of chrome inspired them.
In the shop you can’t only buy goodies or gadgets, but as a customer you can bring your own design and print it on t-shirt, canvas and stickers as well. Even a new design for your interior or shop can be ordered.